The Phulkari Store - A Tapestry of Tradition

At The Phulkari Store, we celebrate the vibrant and colorful heritage of Punjab through our exquisite collection of handmade Phulkari dupattas. Using only the finest materials, each piece is a labor of love, intricately crafted by skilled local artists who pour their hearts into maintaining the cultural legacy of this traditional art form that has been passed down through generations.

Heritage Phulkari Dupatta

Discover the beauty of heritage with The Phulkari Store. Our exclusive collection of handmade Phulkari dupattas is crafted for those who hold culture close to their hearts. Each dupatta is a canvas of history, meticulously woven by local artisans who keep the vibrant traditions of Punjab alive. Embrace your love for culture with a piece that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

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Modern Phulkari Dupatta

Discover the enchanting blend of tradition and contemporary style with our Modern Phulkari Dupattas at The Phulkari Store. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans, combining the rich cultural heritage of Punjab's Phulkari embroidery with modern designs to suit your chic and sophisticated taste. Perfect for fashion enthusiasts who cherish cultural depth in their attire, our dupattas promise to be a captivating addition to your wardrobe.

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